{Full Watch Video} Cat In Blender Real Video Footage: Are you looking for Bestgore Cat in a Blender video? Check What Is In The Chinese Man Puts Cat in Blender Original Video

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The Cat in Blender Real Video Footage article has disturbed many people online. Follow our article to know more.

Have you heard about the Cat in Blender footage? What impression did the cat clip able to leave on you? What is the topic of the popular cat blending video? If you are curious about the Cat in Blender Real Video Footage, read the details here. People from all Worldwide were upset to see the cat in the Blender video; let us discuss more. 

Real Cat in Blender Video Details 

Internet users have reported a sensitive subject matter video since it contains some highly disturbing material. Yes, we are talking about the popular Cat in Blender footage. A cat was brutally treated in that video and left the kitten injured. The sources assert that someone has uploaded a similar film, or a part 2 video, showing the same cat in a blender. The video is still trending after almost 2 months of the first occurrence. 

Disclaimer: Actual footage video links will not be provided because the content is disturbing and can affect one’s cerebral health. 

Cat in Blender Twitter Original Video

The footage of the cat being blended in a mixer was originally uploaded by the Twitter account ‘ScaryContent18’, and then it went viral on all the social networking sites. As per sources, but the video was not created by the admin of the ‘ScaryContent18’ account. They just shared the video on the internet, and the admin must have gotten it from a private network. 

In addition, the video contains a disclaimer that the video has ‘sensitive content or media.’ At first, the video was not removed from social media, but it got removed when people started complaining about it. The origin of the video is said to be China. 

Chinese Man Puts Cat in Blender

The perpetrator of the cat blending video has supposedly been found, according to reports. Other sources claim that the person, who posts content on Chinese social media sites under the name Xu Zhihui, is a food blogger. However, after the man was taken into custody, his companions vowed to punish them by torturing additional animals.

Even though the alleged detention was made on May 7, 2023, there is no evidence that the individual who made the Cat in Blender Video was taken into custody because it has not been possible to determine whether the person arrested was the real culprit or not behind Cat in Blender Real Video Footage


‘Cat in the Blender’ has been a popular topic for the past few months. People are constantly searching for developments on the subject. As a result, the video is constantly being shared on social media. The video involves distressing footage where an animal has been tortured. Thus, we advise you to read the article first. Now, relax and enjoy this adorable kitten video to reduce your stress

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Updates on Cat in Blender Real Video Footage: FAQs

Q1. Is Cat in Blender video still trending, and why?

A1. Yes, the gore video is still trending because people are not yet over it and discussing it on social media.

Q2. Who was the alleged culprit of blending a cat?

A2. A man named Xu Zhuhui, a Chinese food blogger, is said to be the culprit.

Q3. Has Xu been arrested for his crime?

A3. The local cops made the detention, but the grounds for detention are different.

Q4. Are you looking for Bestgore Cat in Blender video?

A4. We advise you not to watch the video as it is not easily available.

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