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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Dora Skate Bubbi3. Also, learn the reason for the video going viral.

Did you know that a video featuring a grown-up girl dressed similarly to the cartoon character Dora was featured on the internet four days ago? What attracted Worldwide viewers towards the video? Why is it considered inappropriate? 

Why is the video not removed from the internet? Why are the social media pages not blocked? What is the content of the video? Let’s check complete facts about Dora Skate Bubbi3 in this article.

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About Dora’s skate bubble:

A video was shot featuring a girl dressed exactly like the cartoon character Dora. She wore a pink top, an orange-coloured half-pant, a purple-coloured backpack, a pair of yellow socks, and a pair of white shoes. Additionally, the girl’s hairstyle was similar to Dora’s straight-bob cut.

The video became famous as the girl exposed her body part in the video. The video was tagged on Twitter as #Dora skate bubbie, #Dora skate, #Dora skate tiktok, #Dora Skate Bubbi3 and #50 follow y Rtt y lo Paso.

Viral Video on TWITTER of Dora Skate:

The girl in the video is identified as Talia Taylor from Spain. Talia is an 18-years old girl. She is famous on social media with more than 411K followers, including over 48K followers on Twitter and Instagram. Though the video is shared on Reddit, access to such Reddit pages is unavailable via search engine results.

Why was the video shot?

Recently, Talia and her cousins took up a challenge on TikTok. Unfortunately, their comments were shared exclusively on TikTok and Reddit, outraged the community. They also expressed their ego by singing a song.

The song by Talia and her cousins suggests that they do not work or study; everything they require is provided to them, and they are interested only in spending money and enjoying life. Further, they commented that they are very rich. They can buy entire Corte Ingles with their bank cards. They are wealthy enough to buy Chanel for €4,000.

After the incident, Talia and her cousins were asked to apologize. 

Dora Skate video on Telegram:

Several shots of the video that ranges between one second to six seconds came up. The TikTok pages provided links for their Telegram group to view the video. However, the details about the video getting forwarded on Telegram and the viewership of the video are unascertained. The video was less than ten seconds long.

In response to the demands for an apology, Talia and her cousin posted a video showing Talia dressed as Dora and teasing their unnamed critics by showing her body by pulling her top while she is skating. Some viewers assume that the video results from another challenge Talia had taken up.

Why is the video not taken down?

Talia exposed her body part in the video, which is not considered an organ involved in producing offspring. Dora Skate Bubbi3 videos are not normal. Further, in Spain, it is socially accepted as freedom of expression and individualism is respected. 

Social media links:

Due to inappropriate content, video link is not shared.


The uncensored video Bubbie is available on various social media sites. Twitter pages that hold specific grown-up content shared the video. People were eagerly asking for links to the video. The root cause of the issue is typical challenges  coming up on social media. People have lost their lives due to such challenges.


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Dora Skate Bubbi3 – FAQ

1Q. Who is dressed up as Dora in the Bubbie video?

Talia Taylor a popular social media personality.

2Q. Why did Talia make the Bubbie video?

To show their group’s resistance to demands of apologies.

3Q. What was the content of the Bubbi3 video?

Talia was skating and dressed up like Dora and exposed her body.

4Q. What was the aim of the Bubbie video?

Talia and her cousins teased their critics.

5Q. When was the Bubbi3 video released?

On 6th-November-2022.

6Q. Is the uncensored Bubbie video available?

Yes, it is easily accessible on TikTok and Twitter.

7Q. Why did the Dora Skate Bubbi3 video make a trend?

Firstly due to the Dora-themed dress-up and secondly due to the popularity of beautiful looking Talia.

8Q. Why is the Bubbie video criticized?

Due to many reasons, including the Dora theme dress, which was designed to attract innocent kids to learn languages. 

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