Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Twitter: Check Avaibility of Full Video Went Viral On Reddit, Telegram!

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This article will give you information about the Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Twitter. Find all the information regarding video and privacy violation norms.

Have you heard of 26 birthday scandal news on the internet? What happened to the account sharing the scandal’s viral video? 18 + videos are more trending than social videos these days. Social media accounts promote inappropriate content instead of sharing good quality content on the internet.

A similar case in the Philippines happened when a video went viral whose background was decorated for the 26th birthday of the person. Read news properly to find essential information about Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Twitter news.

What’s inside the video?

The video content is completely unwatchable for kids below 18. As per the images and videos from the viral source, we can find out that it was a birthday party in which a couple was making love. Somehow they uploaded the after-show video to the internet, which went viral.

Reddit and Twitter handle sharing those videos multiple times due to inappropriate content and violating the norms of Twitter. Twitter took the video down, and the account was permanently banned. Furthermore, multiple websites claim they can redirect you to the video link, but it will only show ads. 

Full Video Viral On Reddit

Initially, Reddit was a platform where this video circled in remarkable ways. The privacy policies of Reddit are not so offensive regarding 18 + content, so people generally approach such platforms to make any scandal video viral. The content in the video was so violating that all the social media accounts had to terminate the video from the internet. 

Even after multiple bands, most people have downloaded the video and saved it to drive and mobiles. A few days earlier, we faced a similar case in symmetry, and soon after that, this birthday scandal came into the spotlight. Instead of reporting these videos and accounts, people are enjoying the inappropriate content and sharing it violently.

Telegram Source

It is another social platform that is on high of sharing that scandal video to multiple groups. Many 18 plus groups have downloaded that video from edit and Twitter and are now posting on Telegram groups in their accounts. Somehow people are finding that video and posting it on other platforms. You should beware of such videos because cybercrime is taking strict action regarding Such videos.

The main source of Twitter on which the video was circulating is permanently terminated. Additionally, all the people who commented are under surveillance. If they post that video, Twitter will ban their account also. 

More Facts on Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Twitter

As per the norms of Twitter, if you upload any 18 + content through your account aur repost inadequate content, your account will permanently terminate from Twitter. Moreover, you cannot recreate any other account with a similar Gmail account so to avoid such termination do not promote or post any videos that are against the rules of Twitter. 

Disclaimer: We cannot share the video on our website because all the content is inappropriate and 18 +. There is no Social Media platform where you can get this video. Additionally, follow all the terms of social media platforms to avoid any termination.

Social media link


Twitter Banned account :


Another video is going viral on social media containing inappropriate content. The video is going viral by the name of the 26th birthday scandal. As per the frame, we can share the background picture with you.

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Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Twitter: FAQs

Q.1 What was the name of the profile that was suspended due to sharing of the scandal video?

Twitter suspended the multiple accounts, but one of the accounts frequently posting that video was @bryanmilkwayz1.

Q.2  Where did this video was shot?

The couple shot this video in a room for the birthday celebration and making love.

Q.3 Are people in the video minor or grown-ups?

People of India in the video are grown-ups, as it was the 26th birthday of a person. The celebration turns into making love. 

Q.4 who is the CEO of Twitter

After the termination of Parag Agarwal, Elon Musk is the new CEO of Twitter.

Q.5 Where can we find the video on the internet?

Telegram groups are some of the platforms that are still circulating the video. Rest all the platforms have terminated that video permanently.

Q.6 What should we do if we find that video on social media?

If you find this video on any social account, you can report that account.

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