Numerr.Com Reviews (Sep) Is This Site Legit Or A fraud?

Numerr Online Website Reviews


Are you fascinated by the sale and discounts offered by this site? Please read this article considering Reviews and know its legitimacy.

As there are many websites in today’s market, it isn’t easy to spot a legit one amongst them all. And many people want to shop new products from a fresh and new website. But it is important that you check the reliability of a new website before placing your order from it. 

So today, we are reviewing Reviews, and Will share all the information related to this website with you. Suppose you are from the United Kingdom and are interested in this website. Then read the following review till the ending. 

What is 

As we researched this website, we learned that it is an online shopping website that tends to sell multipurpose items at their store and an affordable rate. So here are some things that are sold by this site

  • dresses
  • Kitchen items
  • party dresses 
  • lowers.

We also got some information that this website was registered recently, around two months ago. So all the viewers are questioning that Is Legit. To answer this question and solved other queries, we are going to do an unbiased review for our readers. 

Specifications of

  • Following is the URL to visit the site:
  • it is mentioned that processing will take 3-4 days
  • Customers can avail multipurpose items from this website 
  • Order will reach about 12-20 days after placement 
  • The company also satisfies order cancellation.
  • You can return the order within 14 days of shipment.
  • Contact details cannot be gathered from
  • The company’s address is provided in image format.
  • to contact the company, the following is the mail address: [email protected]
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, diners club, and American Express are used.

So if you are here to know the legitimacy of based on Reviewsthen read the below details.

Pros of using 

  • We can see the usage of HTTPS protocol.
  • Valid SSL certificate can be seen used by 
  • A good range of products are provided 
  • All the necessary policies are made available.

Cons of using 

  • Too low numbers are obtained in terms of trust rank.
  • The domain of is very young.
  • Pages on social media are not available.
  • Alexa rank is inferior.
  • We cannot see a single review by customers anywhere. 
  • The traffic of this website is also poor.

Continue reading this article to get a conclusion on the legitimacy of this site. 

Is Legit? 

Many people are very conscious and give importance to small details about a new website which is a good thing for a buyer. Even small pieces and information can tell huge things about a site. So read the below points and know if is safe or not: 

  • The website was registered recently on 12 July 2021.
  • Many details are kept hidden from customers, like the details of the owner and contact details.
  • no pages or accounts available that are linked with 
  • Alexa rank cannot be gathered.
  • We also found that no one has provided any Reviews on the web.
  • obtains a total of 3% in terms of trust rank.

Here are all the details that we got from our research. Read the below review section.

What are the reviews about this website? 

As a customer, we must know all the small details about newly formed websites. So the best place to learn that is through the reviews provided by customers. But after a deep research on reviews, we could not even manage a single Reviews from any reviewing platform. 

So having a look at the above details should be enough to tell that this website is not meant to be trusted as it is very young and as the traffic of is very low we also could not get any reviews. 

Conclusion: As we wrap up this article, we would like to tell a few things about This website is new, suspicious, inactive on social media, has no Reviews, low trust rank, young domain. We cannot say anything about its legitimacy but would also recommend staying away from the site. 

If this article managed to help you with your doubt, please write your feedback down in the comment box. 

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